About Us

HEALTH FOR ALL , is α Greek company created out of the need of its founders to create and provide cosmetic products of superior quality with specially innovative and effective formulas, delightful textures and pleasant feeling on the skin.

Research & Development department is updated with every scientific development in the field of cosmetology as well as the latest consumer trends and applies any newest, innovative, clinically studied ingredients of natural and biotechnological origin in order to create products that address multiple skin needs.

However, the real unique European and Global innovation lies in the use of the “King” of essential oils, Boswellia sacra which thanks to its outstanding composition reinforces the antiwrinkle and antiagieng action of each product.

Being loyal and respectful to nature and the benefits offered, we avoid the use of raw materials potent to affect the environment and we choose those that are produced with eco-friendly methods and are not tested on animals.

All products are dermatologically tested and comply with the recent European Legislation 1223/2009 while production methods meet the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP ISO 22716:2007). Each batch is controlled at all stages of production with physical, chemical and microbiological tests in order to ensure the stability of the final product and consumer safety.

Enjoy the unique beneficial blend of pure Boswellia Sacra and Science of HEALTH FOR ALL
products on your skin!

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